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    There are at least 99 million Egyptians currently living in Egypt,
    and the total household consumption is estimated to reach around US$300 billion by 2021.
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    Let's seize this window of opportunity,
    and make Egypt an efficient agribusiness transformation hub.

Food Loss and Waste


Extension Services and Markets

Climate Smart Agriculture

Quality and Safety

Some Facts

A combination of key domestic reforms and brightening global prospects has opened a tremendous window of opportunity for Egypt’s agriculture and agribusiness sectors.
Currently, these sectors contribute to 35% of Egypt’s GDP and use 86% of the country’s water resources. In addition, reports have indicated that there is a total untapped export potential for Egypt that reaches at least US$15 billion equivalent. To capitalize on such opportunities, and keep up with its growing domestic market (where the total household consumption estimated to reach around US$300 billion by 2021), Egypt will need to become a highly efficient agricultural producer and supplier.


Food Loss & Waste




Use of Water


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Challenges Tracks

Access to Market & Services

Tackling issues such as efficient logistics, farmer extension services, value chain enhancement and decreased levels of food loss and waste.
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Access to Finance

Exploring different fin-tech solutions, which would facilitate access to finance to the wide array of stakeholders in the agriculture sectors.
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Resource Management

Looking into topics like climate smart agriculture, and addressing issues related to water resource management, and efficient use of land.
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